Its the Mom Life

Name: Ashley. I'm a mother to a healthy, happy boy who is growing up far too fast. I am married to an IT guru who is my knight in shining armour. We have been TTC since July 2013, and I gained an angel baby in late December 2013. I finally got pregnant again in June 2014 so we are currently expecting our second bundle of joy! We are officially beginning our homeschool journey as of July 2014. I expect it to be the best of rides!

My Jewelry in Candles store:

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Got lost in a corn maze and bit by a pig.

A day in my glamorous life. 👑💄👠

We only got a little bit lost in the corn maze.
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Annabelle was not that creepy. It was good but I was not scared in the least bit.. And believe me I’m a scaredy cat.

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